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Negative Side Effects of Coffee


Five negative side effects of coffee


Coffee is one of the most popular drink that people drink it everyday. Whenever they have a meeting or when they want to meet with their friends, the common places that they usually go is coffee shop. Some people enjoy drinking coffee and they are fine with their health. There are however some potential of negative effects of coffee if you consume it too much everyday.

High blood pressure:

cup of coffee

caffeine can cause high blood pressure especially those who are suffering from hypertension. Base on the study of Mayo Clinic has shown that people who only drink 160 mg of caffeine, their blood pressure will keep fluctuated and elevated after a few hours of drinking. So if you want to avoid high blood pressure , you should cut down drinking your coffee from now on.



rinking coffee can make you become addictive without knowing yourself. Sometimes people cannot work properly if they do not drink coffee before they start working and it is so dangerous that you become addicted to coffee because you cannot stay calm when you do not drink coffee.

Sleep deprivation:


if you want to have a peaceful sleep, do not drink coffee before going to bed because the effect of caffeine make you cannot sleep at night and you will be exhausted in the morning. Sometimes if the coffee that you drink is too strong, it will affect you for the whole day although you drink it in the morning but you still cannot sleep during at night.

High chance to cause headaches:


the overuse of caffeine can cause you to become headaches and you cannot think straight. It cause you feel more stress than before because the effect of caffeine make you feel curious and cannot concentrate well.

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