Why Shouldn't Use Phones While Eating|Resturants in Phnom Penh are the best place for family

Resturants in Phnom Penh are the best place for family

Why Shouldn't Use Phones While Eating

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Why you should stop using phones while eating?


Technology is so important for people and people can live in a comfortable way because of technology. However, while people use technology to create a smartphone that people can choose and use it in their best ways , they also overuse their smart phone in a wrong way. One of the wrong way that people use smartphone is that they do not put down their phone while they are eating. This will lead to a habit that you cannot change when you get used to hold your phone and eat at the same time. If you have this kind of habit, you should stop it from now on because it can destroy your health as well as your eating time. Five reasons that people should stop using phones while eating:

People are controlled by the phones:

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you might not notice yourself that you are controlled by your phones when you keep holding your phones while you are eating. You should try to limit yourself and get control over the materialistic like smartphones that you have. Make yourself the owner of smartphones and use it in an effective way.

Destroy relationship:

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Can you imagine what happen when people around the dinner table are busy looking at their smartphones? It is one of the saddest things that happen in most family because they do not talk to each other anymore at the dinner table but they are busy chatting with people who are a long distance. Furthermore,they will come to ignore the value of family time and destroy the relationship among family members little by little. So if you want to build good relationship with your family , try to make use of the time that you eat to talk more and discuss with them more.

Do not eat properly:

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sometimes try to finish your food only 3 minutes when you are hurried to play game or reply a text message on your phones. Putting your phones down and sit to eat properly is what you should do because the time that you eat is the most important things and you should slow down your eating to make the food flow well in your body.

Health problems: You will face


a high risk of stomachache if you have a habit of eating while playing with your phones because you do not eat your food properly. More than that, sometimes you do not finish all your food on the plates since you are too busy looking at your smartphones. You also have eyes problem since you always focus on your phones. The light effect of the screen is so dangerous that it can make your eyes blind so if you love your health, put your phones down and enjoy your food.

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